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Darth Maul Toy Box Boss No Damage

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:27 pm
by Anxjos
After almost 1 hour trying I finally did it.
I could have used the cheesy way in this video though.
Things I noted:
Every time I did an air combo followed by a finisher Maul Always tries to block the next wave of attacks, perfect opportunity to use breaking defenses 2(most powerful combo btw) for maximum damage
Every attack except his air of superiority move can be repelled,even the unblockable dash attack
After n number of attacks maul repels you so you cant just combo him forever
Repelling or force push seems to reset the 'counter' for him to repel.Thats why the cheesy ways to defeat him are by repelling or repeated force push
Every last hit of a combo seems to stagger maul,for anakin i recommend using breking defenses 1 because is the shorttet combo, allowing u to use a finisher afterwards

Anybody discoveree any new strats for combat?