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Postby Mr Penguin Knight » Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:40 pm

FelixBrownSLC wrote:Along with "Toy Box" there will be three playsets in the starter pack and three additional playsets sold separately. Of these three expansion playsets, at least one will be released right at, or just shortly after the initial launch, while the others will come later in the year. As of now, there will be 20 characters total in 2013

That's where my confusion was coming from. 20 characters in 2013 now makes more sense. Some places were stating 17 at launch and others were saying 20 at launch.

Looks like we'll be getting 15 characters at launch and 5 more characters for 2 more playsets throughout the year.

Thanks for the clarification FelixBrownSLC.
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